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FCP Cleaning provides holiday let change over, end of tenancy and office cleaning in North Cornwall. 

We come to your business, give it a good old scrub, make it spic and span ready for your new booking or your next day in the office and also offer an optional electrostatic anti-viral cleaning service, perfect for those clients who have anxiety or concerns regarding flu variants.

We want you to experience our passion for commercial cleaning, we take pride in our work and this will reflect directly on your customer feedback comments.  We regularly receive glowing reports of high standards of cleanliness from our clients and like them, enjoy the benefits of repeat business because we are happy and care about what we do. 


Your cleaning needs to be completed to a high standard within a relatively short period of time.  We treat your business as our business and this approach gives our customers peace of mind, knowing every step of the way that we do not get a second chance to create a first impression when it comes to cleaning.

We always aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction, simply because we enjoy it.  We offer a free in-depth consultation with every client, giving you the opportunity to tell us what you and your property require from your holiday home or property clean.

Electrostatic Treatment.

It goes without saying that some of your customers will have concerns regarding viral pathogens that your previous booking may have left lingering around in your property?  FCP Cleaning is certified with the W.H.O Health Emergencies Program and a member of the British Infection Association.

Electrostatic spraying is the best and most technologically advanced method for the sanitisation of an area. Using our electrostatic delivery system we can treat areas faster than other deep cleaning methods, while achieving total surface coverage and effective killing of viruses and bacteria for up to 28 days. The electrostatic technology we use delivers 360° wrapping of objects, meaning every nook and cranny of the sprayed environment is sanitised.


The static charge in the mist particles allows antimicrobial droplets to stick to and dry on almost any surface, leaving behind a microscopic layer of antibacterial and virus killing protection. This invisible film provides continual protection for up to 28 days

This service is a fantastic selling point for your business. Fogging and hand spray methods simply do not compare and this can be discussed in further detail if you wish to know more?  The medical grade products are touch free within 5 minutes of spraying and the treatment is guaranteed! 

Electrostatic  options

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