First thing's first, the Pathogens that you hear about in the news can be killed.  The good news is that Cornwall now has access to the equipment required to guarantee the operation.   


Regardless of the spurious claims made by commercial cleaning companies and even your own in house cleaning team, you simply can not "guarantee" that your freshly cleaned environment is bacteria or virus free without using electrostatic spraying equipment.


Traditional mop and cloth methods only move contaminated areas around surfaces, yes it cleans some, but not all.  Fogging machines and pressurised sprayers do not positively charge the particles of your covid killing disinfectant. The only equipment that covers the contaminated surfaces in your business premises, hotel or holiday letting properties is electrostatic equipment.

What is an electrostatic cleaning process?

Electrostatic cleaning prevents viral pathogens from invading your business or establishment. The electro-static disinfection delivery system charges the anti-viral disinfectant so when the contaminated area is sprayed the charged particulates are attracted to the surface and this neutralizes any bacteria or viral pathogens in the target area.

The unique disinfectant that the company uses is sufficient to stop Covid-19 in it's tracks (99.999%).  We spray it touchfree, it dries clear with extremely low dwell rates and then your area of interest is fully disinfected (within 5 minutes) and guaranteed for 28 days. The machine sprays the disinfectant which creates a mist that will clean but not damage technological devices a business may have, such as workstations and monitors and is also safe to use on soft furnishing and upholstery.

We are certified with the World Health Organisation's "Health Emergencies Program" and also proud members of the British Infection Association.

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