WHY us?

When it comes to pathogen transmission.


Delay breeds danger..

Forensic Cleaning Professionals are the commercial cleaning solution to the viral world.  Traditional office and industrial cleaning methods no longer provide the forensic levels of hygiene required in the commercial anti-viral environments society now finds itself within.

Electrostatic disinfectant spray gun systems add a positive electric charge to the anti-viral disinfectant solutions allowing the mist to cling to target areas that can not be reached effectively with a normal spray, additionally if a cloth is used then deadly germs are just moved from one target area to another.

Forensic Cleaning’s electrostatic sprayers clean more thoroughly and efficiently. The cordless delivery system causes the droplets to be attracted to neutrally charged surfaces like desks and walls, and to repel each other, leading to an even distribution over surfaces that prevents dripping.

After a few minutes, the disinfectant kills 99.999% of the germs and the liquid evaporates. There is no need to wipe the surfaces down manually -- just spray and go, now you are germ and bacteria free guaranteed for 28 days!


““As business owners and heads of departments attempt to find effective solutions to protect their clients and customers from the risk of infection, robust counter-measures must be in place to ensure confidence in their safety.  The hygiene and cleanliness of public areas and employee workspaces can realistically only be guaranteed via state of the art electrostatic sprayers."(T.Walker, Director)

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